Government “spending” is a derogatory term.

Government “spending” is a derogatory term.

The purpose of government is to do what we cannot do as individuals. Government, therefore, does not “spend”, government “does” things. Public education, law enforcement, and national defense are what government does for our peace and prosperity. Roads and bridges, research and development, and social security are things government does to ensure our lifestyle. 10 to 15% in taxes is a small average price for the world’s highest standard of living. Referring to government “spending” rather than “doing” denigrates all Americans. Words like “entitlements, nanny state, and dependency trap” are demeaning to those who work hard for a few benefits. By denigrating and demeaning government, Republicans and the wealthy hope to minimize sharing national prosperity. Republicans and the wealthy have sold themselves on the mistaken age-old belief that workers are “squanderers, moochers, and lazy.”  But I ask you, is the average schmoe, unemployed by the great Republican recession, really a moocher? If we decide not to operate a business are we nothing more than squanderers? Republicans and the wealthy use derogatory words to describe government in order to make the average American feel guilty about seeking a better life. Meanwhile Republicans and the wealthy put down hard workers and then flaunt their affluence. Don’t let the oft-repeated Republican con-game for smaller government make you believe government doesn’t work. Government is you and you aren’t the problem. You are the solution. 


Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA


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