Guns, more precious than children.

Guns, more precious than children.


Guns have caused the death of almost a million Americans since 1980. During that same time period, less than 3,000 have died by acts of domestic or foreign terrorism. Why are Republicans willing to vote billions to counter terrorism yet veto in lock step common sense rules to limit the huge numbers of Americans killed every year by guns? To gun nuts, their toys are more precious than children. To gun nuts, the price of freedom is 40,000 American killed year after year. The recent refusal of the Senate to pass decent gun safety is both shameful and inhumane. That a Republican filibuster can cancel 90% of the public demanding universal background checks is a national disgrace. That Republicans can openly admit that voters forget, but the gun lobby keeps on giving shows the true nature of Republican lack of morals and values. Here is a political party all about power and greed. Americans whose children were killed in the gun massacre in Connecticut are victims of a culture of violence, not the indecent butt of jokes spewed by garbage entertainer Limbaugh. Parents of the five-year-olds killed by an unchecked background gunman with the assault weapons of war have more right to speak to congressmen like Rand Paul than the legions of gun lobbyists filing daily through his offices. The specious arguments in favor gun violence are the spawn of evil motives. For every person claiming protected by a gun, ten thousand lie dead in graveyards. 2nd Amendment Rights have been dragged down by the lies, hate and ignorance of gun nut wrongs. The good guy with the gun is a bad guy with a gun waiting to happen, hidden behind the money mongering NRA. That guns are so precious to gun nuts and children are not is a downright and all time American tragedy.




Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA


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