We differ when a gun is your guide to God.

We differ when a gun is your guide to God.


“I’ve always felt disqualified my whole life,” said the East Texas Piney Woods Pentecostal preacher standing in front of safe in his house filled with long guns, hand guns, his .357 “Bessie,” 10,000 rounds of ammunition, including ballistic tip bullets that “mushroom” on impact for maximum internal damage, and extended clips for is AR-15 assault rifle. Preacher James is down home folks who hold the bible in one hand and a gun in the other. He’s a local hero after he saw a broken window in the church hall, pulled out his handy ankle holstered .38 pistol, and charged into the building instead of waiting ten minutes for the law to respond to a 911 call. “I was frustrated,” he told the police. Fortunately he did not shoot first, but only brandished the mushroom bullet loaded pistol, warning two children not to move or he’d put one in their watermelon.” Preacher James doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but he could easily have taken two lives over a wrong move. Like his vigilante neighbors, James is death waiting to happen. The Preacher proudly brandishes guns bragging it makes him the equal of the thugs out to hurt him and all us peaceful people. James ought to know since he is a convicted felon. James never thinks about whether his mistaken beliefs are a danger or an open threat to others. With his bible in hand, he declares, “The Lord has trained me for battle. Jesus,” he quotes, “told his apostles to ‘arm yourselves.’” Standing with his kids in front of the open safe, James declares they can’t get into, not knowing the combination, James is serious when he tells you, my kids will come tell me when they find a gun.” America is full of believers like James, who flaunt their mistaken beliefs and make excuses to justify the arguments of evil. Life to those who pack a gun is about playing important, about having the upper hand without having to think. Preacher James grew up in a violent culture and does not know any better. I suspect you do.




Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA



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