Deliberate Dumbing Down of Republicans

Deliberate Dumbing Down of Republicans

Every time the subject of raising the minimum wage comes up, Republicans drag out the same old tired arguments: Higher wages hurt jobs, hurt business, and hurt the economy. In reality, after every single minimum wage increase jobs are not reduced, business does not decline, and the economy always gets better. Republican House Speaker Boehner, however, says we should ignore reality and trust him.  “When you raise the price of employment,” he says, “you get less of it…to create more jobs, you lower pay!”  In reality failing to raise the minimum wage only means lower wages, lower consumer demand, less business, and a weaker economy.  Self-centered, traditionalist, supporters of business, like Republicans, however, never openly debate the disadvantages of starvation wages. Minimum wages are the fast track to welfare. Minimum wages drag the economy down because poor people don’t pay taxes and have to beg, borrow and scam the system to survive. Far from the plight of the masses, tired old white men and their indoctrinated women followers who run the Republican Party continue to firmly believe that the fear of not having a job is the best motivator. What better way, Boehner believes, for business to keep workers in line than to force them to live under the sword of low wages. Low wages motivate harder work, says Boehner, “higher wages are a moral hazard.” Republicans like Boehner are so fixated on keeping the poor in their place that they fail to see that the American dream of raising oneself up the economic ladder is what made America great, not wealth generating wealth. Business has a civic duty to pay for the privilege of operating in the public domain. Part of that obligation is to allow employees to participate in the economy by receiving at least a living wage. If history is any judge, as soon as the minimum wage goes up again, so will the economy.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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