Republican Make-Believe America

Republican Make-Believe America 

Republicans continue to dwell in never-never land. They lose the election, not by much, but suddenly cry they are being victimized by Obama who is trying to end the Republican Party.  They waste four years failing to do the work of the people by voting no to every program, even the ones they sponsored earlier. Ryan claims that no ideas for four years are really new ideas. Like Karl Rove’s feel-good math, or Eastwood’s empty chair, Ryan firmly believes in a world that does not exist. If a Republican dares co-sponsor a bipartisan bill, he or she is immediately attacked by Fox or Rush, and backtrack with their tail between their legs. It comes down to the proven fact that Republicans are content with government failure. They want the perks of big government spending for Defense without prosperity for all. As long as they can gerrymander state districts, they can tyrannize the majority and cater to their base. The Republican mantra is “cut baby cut,” while the Democrats chant “grow, grow, grow.”  Which America makes you proud to live in?

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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