Business waste costs taxpayers more than government waste

Business waste costs taxpayers more than government waste

Business complains that government regulations cost time and money which are passed on in higher prices. Business does not tell you it is cheaper to pass costs onto taxpayers than to challenge supplier billing. Healthcare insurers pass on billions in waste to taxpayers rather than sue for overbilling. Healthcare insurers spend millions for lobbyists to underfund regulation oversight. One example of the rule––not the exception––is an $87,500 surgery bill for a simple outpatient 20-minute knee procedure that normally costs $3,000. Blue shield paid the bill. Outraged, the patient contacted the state attorney general to investigate. It turns out overbilling is a normal practice that amounts to trillions of add-on costs that you pay for in higher taxes. Is it any wonder healthcare costs are skyrocketing? Blue Shield admits by following this business practice that it is cheaper to ignore waste and pay lobbyists to weaken government oversight. Business argues that competition weeds out poor business practices. This is more baloney. Businesses typically pass on costs rather than challenge supplier prices. Raising prices is a better tool for business profit than challenging waste. The old saw, you get what you pay for is only true if you make sure you are not being cheated.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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