Republicans out of step with America

Republicans out of step with America

Of course Obama’s STOU speech was liberal. That why Americans elected him. The vast majority of Americans want a progressive government not a do-nothing congress. Republicans are simply out of step with Americans. Conservatism is just a party of old white men and their regressive interests. Republican justification for losing the presidential election has morphed into “We should have reached out to women, immigrants and young folks.”  When will the Republicans learn? Reaching out is useless when you have the wrong message. “Self deportation” is counterproductive to hard working immigrants. “Women can’t be trusted” only appeals to intimidated married women. How can the youth of America participate in the American dream when you deny them the college aid provided to their parents? Republicans killed the economy and could have won the election, but lost it advocating outdated shibboleths. Old white men not longer rule. Profit is not more important than people. The wealthy are not smarter, do not work harder, and are not anointed to rule. Consumers––who both make and buy all products and services, not entrepreneurs––create new jobs. Republicans fool themselves with skewed beliefs, as one Fox talking-head said, based on feel-good math, empty chairs and straw man presidents. The election rejected of the conservative message. It was not a mandate for change, but a plea for consideration and compromise. We would rather march together into a better future than stagnate in a past based on fantasy laurels.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA



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