Gun Nuts Threaten Normal Gun Ownership

Gun Nuts Threaten Normal Gun Ownership

Recent meltdown rants of conservative talk shows to, “Get your guns ready to fight the government,” is fueling the gun control issue already afire over the massacre of children nationwide. Feeding the public with false incendiary misinformation about gun control, the leaders of the NRA and conservative radio hope to fill their pocket books by firing up their base, but instead are bringing the gun maniacs out of the woodwork. At issue is gun safety not gun control.  At issue is keeping weapons of war out of the classroom, not taking away the right to own a gun. A gun fanatic who refers to his AK47 as his “baby” is a greater danger to the hunter or gun enthusiast trained to enjoy his sport, safely.  Instead of Rush Limbaugh promoting mayhem and assassination, we need sensible conversation over how to keep assault weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill.  We need more talk about keeping our kids safe and a halt to the nonsense about arming to fight a duly elected government. We need to believe that the law of the land is more sacred than vigilantism. Arming teachers in the classroom is more likely to get your child killed by mistake. There is nothing wrong with a gun in the home for protection or guns in the arms of trained hunters. This is an issue about keeping assault weapons out of the hands of someone who would stalk children as if they were human prey. Let’s talk gun safety not gun crazy.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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