Republican Congress Worst in U.S. History

Republican Congress Worst in U.S. History

The Republican House of Representatives has the lowest rating in U.S. history. Less than 10% of the public believes they are doing a good job. Even Communism has a higher rating of 11%. The just-ending 112th Republican House of Representatives passed the lowest amount of legislation of any other in recorded U.S. history. The second lowest record was the 104th Republican House, which was also in rebellion against government by lead speaker Newt Gingrich. The House of Representatives makes the laws. The purpose of government is to negotiate the issues between contending factions and come to an agreement that can be used to promote the prosperity of the people. Negotiation requires compromise. “No compromise” is anti-American and anti-Constitution. “No compromise” is also the express purpose of the Tea Party representatives, the reason for the low rating for the current Republican Congress, and the reason why more gridlock is expected in the coming years. The avowed objective of the 112th House of Representatives was the denial of a second term for President Obama. Not only did the Republican Congress fail to unseat the President, Obama has become the first U.S. president to win both terms with more than 51% of the vote since Eisenhower and the first Democrat since Roosevelt. By its “no compromise” attitude, the Republican lost seats in both houses and failed in its sworn task to legislate the will of the people. Failure cannot be placed solely on speaker Boehner. Leaders need followers, not radical representatives who are products of rigged state politics like gerrymandering. Instead of doing the will of all the people, Republicans controlled states representing those people who don’t want government and are willing to risk killing the American Dream to achieve their agenda. This country was founded on compromise, not special interests. Until the “No Compromisers” are voted out of office, the Republican Congress will continue being rated the worst in U.S. history.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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