Without strong government you and I don’t count.

Without strong government you and I don’t count.

Without a strong government the United States would not be united. States would compete and destroy each other rather than cooperate. Petty tyrants would take power providing prosperity for the privileged few and misery for the vast majority. Without strong government there is no freedom, no opportunity, and no mastery of your own destiny. Government must be strong enough to demand individual rights, consider all people of equal value, and provide the means for balancing power. Government gave us the military power to defeat the mighty British Navy while some States refused to pay taxes believing their livelihood was not threatened. Government gave us a central banking that used borrowed money to subsidize western expansion. Government built the canal systems, purchased the Louisiana Territory, opened the West, subsidized industrialization, provided R&D and capital for projects too big for private investment. Government allows you the world’s highest standard of living; 5% of population gobbling 20% of resources. Government built interstate highways, dams, bridges, waterways and coastal system. Government supplied the funding that for 250 years has generated each new economy; railroads, heavy Industry, and mining.  50% of the money that created the information and communication revolution that brought us the Internet came from government. Without government there would be no power grids, no national defense, no military guarding our interests around the world, no public education, no medical R&D, no disease control, no disaster relief––the list goes on and on. Without government slavery, child abuse, unequal pay, segregation, lack of women’s rights, and many more evils of society would flourish. Deniers of history have worked for decades delegitimizing government as the facilitator of the American dream. Deniers of civil rights, climate change, socialized medicine and social security have spread false myths that business and private capital are the answer and government is the problem. Yet without government, business and private investment would be humble, weakened by a lack of nationwide consumers. Strong government is us the people, not “they” in Washington. Without government you and I don’t count. Only with a government of by and for all the people, could we ever have become the greatest nation in the world.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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