We’re broke, what a joke.

We’re broke, what a joke.

Boehner’s claim that the richest nation in the world is broke is more Republican “feel good” math. Europe is suffering an extended recession after implementing austerity policies, yet Boehner would have us join them with cut-spending economics. Republicans are not hurting for money, corporations are raking in record profits, the rich have been getting richer every day for three decades, yet Boehner wants us to believe the country is going broke. Spending isn’t the problem. Collecting a fair share of taxes from the rich is the problem. Corporate welfare is the problem. Allowing wealth to make the laws favoring the wealthy is the problem. Traditional mistaken shibboleths are the problem; Business doesn’t create jobs. Consumer demand is the only real job creator. The Americans who are hurting the most—the middle class–are the ones losing benefits, yet Boehner wants workers to give up what they have already earned (not “entitlements,” but already earned) so the rich can take an even bigger share of the record profits. Republicans laugh behind our backs knowing that an uneducated public tends to believe repeated lies and the more outrageous the better. Verbally, they march lockstep repeating the Boehner refrain “we’re broke.”  Look out when a Republican says, “Let’s be honest.”

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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