Republicans Kick Out Crutches of Disabled

Republicans Kick Out Crutches of Disabled 

In a show of fear of tea party retribution, 38 GOP conservative legislators failed miserably to ratify a simple UN treaty banning discrimination against the disabled and signed by 156 countries and ratified by 126 (including our closest allies). Led by former senator, Rick Santorum, who used the farfetched excuse of protecting his children from outsiders fully aware that the treaty was modeled on the U.S. Disabilities Act, this shameless pack of xenophobes chose to hurt disabled U.S. veterans and children rather than aid the U.N.  Negotiated by President Bush, the treaty has absolutely no say in US policy, still the lock-step, self-righteous, pseudo-alarmists who demean the word patriot, marched together demonstrating once again that politics is more to be feared than dishonesty.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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