ALEC–America’s Secret Privatization Network

ALEC–America’s Secret Privatization Network

American Legislation Exchange Council, or ALEC, is synonymous with American greed. Established during the Reagan era by conservatives under the guise of a tax-free, non-profit educational institute, ALEC has become the nation’s foremost secret lobbyist for the privatization of public programs. Members of ALEC include most major American corporations as well as hundreds, if not thousands of Republican state and federal legislators. The objective of ALEC is the privatization of all American public programs including public education. ALEC is also dedicated to creating legislation to limit corporate liability, eliminate government regulations, and end union collective bargaining. ALEC operates by funding members to get them elected to state legislatures where they pass laws that become model legislation for other states. Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” gun law was enacted by ALEC and within a decade became a model passed by a dozen other states dominated by ALEC member legislators. In the 2010 elections, seven Republican conservatives and active ALEC members were elected governors of states whose legislatures were also controlled by Republican conservative ALEC members. As a result of recent disclosures, ALEC is under federal investigation for donations in return for favorable legislation and 40 major American corporations have ceased membership.  All American corporations have the right to seek legislation favorable to their interest. What they don’t have is the right to suborn elected officials in secret thus bypassing their vow of public service in return for private profit.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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