Legislation is the people’s business

Legislation is the people’s business.

According to Mitt Romney all legislation is a gift to buy someone’s vote. Young women, he believes, were bought with free contraceptives; young men bribed with student loans; and mothers’ were gifted by having their children in college covered by medical care. Unfortunately for Republicans, this is the sort of fact-less based logic that lost them the election. Unfortunately for Republicans, they have to live in a fact-based world. Helping America’s middle class earn their share of America’s prosperity is what the Presidency is all about. While tax breaks for the rich can be considered buying big donations for a Presidential campaign, passing laws that are part and parcel of doing the nation’s business cannot be construed as so-called gifts provided to special interests in order to buy an election. Romney’s was really speaking his Republican version of the truth when he told his wealthy contributor audience that he was writing off 47% of the nation who he considered would vote for Obama because their vote was bought by government payoffs. Like Sarah Palin, the Republicans brought this man to within a hair’s breath of the oval office.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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