Post election excuses

Post election excuses

“We would have won if God had not caused Sandy.” “It’s the ones who want things from the government who are taking over from us white guys.” After the shellacking at the polls, excuses are being tossed about presaging more gridlock. “We didn’t lose, says Carl Rove, “the Democrats suppressed the vote by denying IDs.” When pressed Rove adds, “You have your math, I have mine.” Do Republicans make up their own math to feel good? If the fault is not God, the Media, voter IDs, or arithmetic, they imagine the reasons––like Eastwood’s empty chair Obama. The pundits at Fox whine, “Democrats are sneering at us.” Fox ignores the Republican Presidential candidates who put cement overshoes on Romney. When Dems echoed unanimous anti-Romney Republican vitriol, suddenly Rove claims the Dems are demonizing Mitt. The Republican campaign to denigrate America’s middle class as a dubious supporter of Obama was a dismal failure. Americans are not lazy. The unemployed are not looking for a handout, but a hand up. Republicans unfounded beliefs obscure the forest with trees. Voters want consensus not conflict. It is time for Republicans to learn from mistakes not continue to make excuses.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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