Obama Record better than Romney

Obama Record better than Romney

During the recovery, the majority of the U.S. government’s billions of dollars invested in business went to 68 companies. To date, 63 of those companies, including the auto industry, banking, and finance, are succeeding and 5 have failed. That is a 92% success rate and 8% failure. Bain capital, under Mitt Romney, invested in 77 companies. 22 closed their doors within a year. Failure: Romney 35%, Obama 8%. Success: Obama 92%, Romney 71.5%. Republicans like to say government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers, but when Republicans control government they give out welfare to those business that support Republican causes. Government has always been in the business of investing in America’s future. Government financed the building of the railroads, intercontinental highway system, bridges, dams, electrical networks, and water control systems. Government established public education, library system, institutions of higher learning, and medical research and security control. Government invested money in the development of entire industries; iron, coal, copper, aluminum, automotive and aeronautics. Government always invests in research and development, technology, international logistics, defense, and now national security. Without government involvement in private enterprise, the United States could not compete in the world economy.  The difference between Obama and Romney, aside from Romney’s business failure, it is business focus. Romney wants to promote outdated business while Obama is focusing on future green industry. Romney wants individuals to have the freedom to succeed. Obama wants all Americans to have a chance to climb the economic ladder to success. Government has always been better for all Americans under the Democrats.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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