Proven Merit Is Better Choice

Proven Merit Is Better Choice

Tried and tested by the great Republican recession, two long wars, eight trillion dollars of unbudgeted Republican debt, the brink of economic collapse, while chained by the mortgage meltdown and sabotaged by four years of Republican obstruction, Obama ended the Iraq war, captured Osama, halted Al Qaeda, saved the auto industry, passed historic healthcare reform, equal pay for women, immigrant dream act, and the most important social legislation since Medicare. Four years ago the economy was dead, financial institutions were bankrupt, their was no loan for any industry, 750 million jobs were being lost every month, the stock market was the lowest in thirty years, pensions were disappearing overnight, banks were closing, and the average homeowner had lost 40% of his equity. Today we have gained almost 5 million new jobs, the economy has sustained four years of constant growth, the green markets have gained a foothold, U.S. auto industry is back in profit, 50 million Americans have healthcare denied them before, and we have ended the morally bankrupt idea of don’t ask, don’t tell.  Despite being handicapped by Republican pledge not to compromise, the Republican threat to destroy the American economy by reneging on our national debt, corporation blackmail for tax breaks and no regulations, scandalous campaigns to demonize the President’s heritage, and billionaires promising to buy the elections with secret donations, Obama has managed to move the country forward, and based on his proven record, he will continue moving forward again. While Romney panders, Obama performs. While Romney promises like Bush, Obama delivers. The choice is up to you; Romney chance or Obama proven.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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