Obama means bettering ourselves, not the wealthy

Obama means bettering ourselves, not the wealthy

In declarations announced by the candidates on 60 Minutes, the choice is clear, Obama’s vision is an America where everyone has the opportunity to climb the economic ladder, while Romney’s vision is an America where freedom means corporations operate without public interference. Romney says business made America Great. Obama says the middle class made America great. Romney says business knows how to grow the economy, but Obama says that people have come to this country not to grow the economy for the wealthy, but to better themselves. Romney would have a better life for all trickle down from the wealthy, while Obama says trickle-down economics have failed and American individuals deserve the freedom to grow themselves.  Romney represents the past, the idea of kings and aristocracy, class privileges, the deserving wealthy and the undeserving masses, wealth with winning and poverty with individual failure. Romney equates the wealthy with superior knowledge, high risk-high return, and deserving everything they can get.  Obama believes in the principles of Democracy, that all men and women are created equal, that merit rise from every level of society, and those with wealth are no more deserving than any other citizen. Romney thinks the middle class is irresponsible.  Obama believes Americans are the world’s hardest workers. Romney believes in a foreign policy based on what is important to corporations and should be defended world wide at point of a gun.  Obama wants an America that points the way, believes that right makes might, and works with Allies for a just and lasting peace.  Romney demands America be considered number one by asserting power as in Iraq, then demanding obedience out of fear of shock and awe. Obama shows he leads by persistence in the face of confusion and despair.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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