Free enterprise did not make America great.

Free enterprise did not make America great.

Never forget, free enterprise gave us slavery, indentured servants, and forced military service. Free enterprise meant child labor, women domestics, and no admittance to dogs and Irishmen. Free enterprise meant unequal pay for equal work, bribes, and kickbacks. Free enterprise meant an unsafe workplace, death on the job, and no medical compensation. For centuries free enterprise has fought tooth and nail against equal rights, equal pay and equal opportunity. With free enterprise came the lost of work due to injuries and commonplace deaths while on the job. Free enterprise meant employers could hire who they wished regardless of race, creed or sex, fire who they pleased for no reason, pay as little as they could get away with, and call out the military to bash in the heads of resisters. Restricting free enterprise gave Americans the 40-hour workweek, paid vacations, paid sick leave, minimum wages, and worker’s compensation. Restricting free enterprise finally minimized discrimination, allowed middle class women to work, their children to go to school, and their families to be part of the American Dream. Free enterprise did not build America. American labor, workers, and employees––working harder and longer on their own behalf than any other population in the world made America great. The American consumer is three quarters of our gross national product. The American consumer both makes and uses what is produced. Without the American consumer/worker there would be no great America.  Never forget who made America great when you listen to the guile of the wealthy who hide their avarice by wrapping themselves in the banner of Free Enterprise.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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