Eastwood’s invisible Obama

Eastwood’s invisible Obama

I have to admire John Daily’s interpretation of Eastwood at the Convention portraying the Republican vision of an invisible Obama. The Republicans can’t accept change so they invent the image of an opponent they can hate and make up lies to justify their hatred. Republicans are like primitive folk squatting around a campfire giving shape to the phantoms of their fears instead of reasoning out reality. Obama has pointed out that the Republican 2012 platform is actually better suited to the last century. I think Republicans are still living in the nineteenth century. The Republican platform would be ideal for third world countries with parochial policies folks can believe in because they grew up that way.  The principle of government by states was obsolete before the Roman Empire. The Republicans are still battling that faith is superior to reason and that the Renaissance never happened. Republicans admire the rights of the aristocracy, the authority of the church, the subordination of women, intolerance, and holding to principals, even if those so-called sacred principals promote death and destruction.  Have you noticed how over the past half century we have been involved in constant war ever since Republicans abandoned isolationism? Have you noticed the decline in the middle class and the growing gap between rich and poor since the Reagan trickle-down revolution? Have you noticed the similar attitude of no-compromise between present tea party activists and slave owners prior to our Civil War? As tea party sign wavers depict President Obama toting watermelons, so Lincoln was defamed as a mongrel monkey by traitorous citizens waving banners of state’s rights.  When Republicans or Conservatives expound upon the Liberal agenda remember watching Eastwood talk to an invisible man and tell you a tale he hopes will scare you into submission and obedience.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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