Paul Ryan is not a We American.

Paul Ryan is not a We American. 

Ryan was for the stimulus before he was against it.  Ryan praised the hundred and fifty-some thousand jobs the stimulus brought to Wisconsin then criticized money going to other states. Ryan was for the Bush $14 billion auto industry aid when it would help Wisconsin, but for the Romney plan to let Detroit go bankrupt. Ryan was for unprecedented Wisconsin state and local tax concessions to keep hometown industry afloat in 2009, but against the Obama federal plan which would support the same industries nationwide. Ryan was always a fervent Ayn Rand follower espousing the theory that the rich deserve to rule, reason overrides belief, and the family was not the basis of the community, until he declared he believed whatever his Republican base would accept. Ryan voted for all of Bush’s record spending; two unbudgeted wars, the unbudgeted drug prescription program, and tax breaks for millionaires during a recession until he suddenly became an avowed opponent of Obama spending. As a newly elected government official Ryan was all for the middle class until he proposed his radical plan that would destroy the middle class. Acclaimed an arch fiscal conservative, Ryan was never for a balanced budget and still isn’t; was never for reducing the national debt and still is not. The fact that Ryan is the only Republican who has proposed an anti-Obama stimulus bill is far overshadowed by the fact that nothing that Ryan has ever proposed has ever passed through congress. Ryan appears to be a child of parents and authorities who taught him to distain anything or anyone that was not part of his social group, not raised the same way he was, and not of the same race, creed, or nationality. Ryan is part of the past not the future, part of reaction not progress, a yearner for nostalgia without yen for making the world a better place. Ryan is a polarizing figure with a parochial attitude who wants whatever will help only him and his friends; a real Me American not a We American. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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