Drill Baby Drill is a Farce

Drill Baby Drill is a Farce

According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office––prepared at the request of Republican lawmakers––opening up Alaska, and the Atlantic, and Pacific, and Florida coasts––alltogether would yield no more than $7 billion over the next ten years. Drill Baby Drill would result in a 5% increase in revenue spread over a decade. For years the Oil Industry and Republicans have screamed for the opening of more off-limit land to help reduce national debt. Big Oil’s highly biased and unreliable resource numbers are slightly different. All such U.S. oil, however, would be shipped onto the world market and available to any country willing to pay the price. If there are profits they go to Big Oil. If there are disasters the public pays. Big Oil and the Republicans don’t care about drilling in national parks, off shore oilrigs, oil-gummed resort waters, or dead animals littering beaches. Big Oil and Republicans care only about profits, which they use to go to private beaches. Face it, Drill Baby Drill is just a farce; another red flag to wave at their base. Republicans are great at distracting the public with emotional issues full of empty promises that goad people who can’t think for themselves.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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