Romney’s Bush Solution

Romney’s Bush Solution

Romney has repeatedly stated on nationwide television that he believes we need five things to get the country going again: More foreign trade. More use of natural resources. Lower taxes on corporations. Less regulations on business.  More training for workers.  This is Romney’s Bush Solution; the same five things proposed by George W. Bush in 2000. What we got from Bush was eight years ofsending US companies, jobs, and taxes overseas where labor is cheaper, rules are lax, and taxes suit the wealthy.  “Drill Baby Drill” chivied up the Gulf oil Spill Disaster and the highest gas prices at the pump in US history. Lower taxes?
Absolutely, but mostly for the rich–producing the absolute worst job growth in the past fifty years. Then there was the Great Republican Recession; a direct result of eliminating business regulations that for eighty years had prevented high risk investment while safeguarding the public interest.  Better education is good. What we don’t want is Bush 2012; wealth dictated-student training geared to higher production at lower pay and less benefits. Business fat cats are sitting by waiting for voters to forget Bush ever happened drooling for the return of playing fast and loose with our money. Romney is not the solution. He is part of the problem.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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