Jobs not Austerity

Jobs not Austerity

The Great Republican Recession has caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs and go hungry. Republicans who have good jobs and plenty of food are angry about having to give food to the jobless in the form of food stamps. The tired old Republican argument is that helping families by giving them food stamps creates dependence on government. What a crock. The reason families are hungry is that failed Republican economics took away their jobs. Now the Republicans want to penalize the jobless because they put them out of work. Most Americans on food stamps are hard working families, doing part time work to get it. Stingy Republicans, however, want you to believe that food stamps encourage laziness because they were taught to hate by their parents and authorities. The vast majority of Americans out of work and low on food would never choose to live off handouts if they had any reasonable alternative. The real reason Republicans want to cut food stamps is simply to regain political power. Republicans know the ignorant and hateful will always vote selfishly. The nation’s high unemployment rate is the result of failed Republican economics not lazy Americans. Nobel-prize-winning economist Paul Kruger wisely points out that the road to prosperity has always been to give people jobs not take them away, but every jobs program offered has been voted down by Republicans. Reagan and Bush senior hired millions of government workers to reverse their Republican recessions. Jobs create economy. Austerity just drags it down.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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