Conservative Secret Police

Conservative Secret Police

Conservatives who repeatedly declared that transparency in government prevents corruption are now promoting the idea that secrecy in political donations protects freedom. Carl Rove now refers to the American tradition of boycotting as “shameful.” Senate Majority Leader McConnell want to muzzle transparency as intimidation. “Corporations who disclose their donations might be picketed,” says the Wall Street Journal. It seems that the GOP supports the freedom for big money and general public freedom be damned. Paid political attacks now amount to billions of dollars at the local, state and federal level and there are billions more available when big money can buy an election. “Corporations always sought political patronage, but now the can buy congress outright.” Big money is what sways the ignorant and secret big money can buy and election without anyone knowing where the money came from.  Big money is what brought the Tea Party to power. Big Money is what paid for a panel of clowns to parade as Republican presidential candidates. And big money is betting that Romney as president will roll back regulations and a return to the freewheeling economy that caused the Bush Great Recession. Big money lives for less government, less rules, less regulations, more individual freedom, and secrecy. The Chamber of Commerce has been championing secrecy in government donation since 2001 with the advent of foreign money in US elections. Big money bought the Supreme Court. Big money is buying the ultra conservative movement in Republican Politics. Will the next step be big money with private armies and a Republican Secret Police?

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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