Democrats Must Retake Congress!

Democrats Must Retake Congress!

Corporations are shamefully withholding trillions of dollars––desperately needed to create new jobs––just to learn whether Republicans can win control of both houses of congress in November. A Republican congress will return the economy to the Bush era of record corporate profits, out of control, high-risk investments of your life savings, and deregulation that will lead to the next Republican Recession. A Republican congress will mean more low paying jobs, greater demand for worker production, and reduced worker benefits. A Republican congress will mean more government spending than under Democrats, including unnecessarily higher budgets for defense, business welfare, and special interests. A Republican congress will ship jobs overseas, close companies whose products can be imported for less, and permit corporations to hide taxes with offshore and foreign mailbox-headquarters. A Republican congress means cut backs for schools, larger classrooms, fewer teachers, de-emphasis of math and science, costly student loans, and replacement of public education with private business. A Republican congress means ignoring our global environment, disdaining preparation for regional disasters, and turning to short-term profit solutions instead of long-term development. “More jobs” never materialize under Republican presidents, Republican controlled congresses, nor with Republican tax breaks. Under Obama we have had 28 consecutive months of positive job increases. The Great Republican Recession would have been over by now if not for the treacherous four year Republican campaign to ensure economic failure. Business is spending billions to influence voters all the while sitting back like fat cats waiting for the Republicans to dish out greater profits. Only a Democratic congress will get the country back on the right track to prosperity for all.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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