Democratic Patriots and Republican Royalists

Democratic Patriots and Republican Royalists

America is for sale to the highest bidder. Corporations are the new aristocracy. Republicans are the Royalists and Profit is King. In the face of rebellion for progress, Republicans are showing themselves to be Wall Street’s staunchest allies. Financial savvy has replaced integrity. “Business is business,” echoes the wifi of emarketeers. The devil take the hindmost. America is being steamrolled in reverse back to the nineteen century; tokens for the masses to keep them in their place and monarchial government for the well-off ruled by the almighty dollar. The purest example of Republican Royalists was the recent Senate Hearing over the latest financial disaster. Fawning GOP senators could not wait to show their loyalty by praising the princes of J.P. Morgan instead of chastising their company’s recent 7 billion dollar investment loss. South Carolina Senator DeMint skewered Democratic spending on public needs as throwing money down the sewer. The GOP fell all over itself begging the financial foxes to divulge the best way to guard the hen house economy. We know Republicans don’t believe government exists to help people, but allowing the crooks of Wall Street to feed unabated at the public trough is pure partisanship. Instead of condemning high risk, unregulated, bad investments, GOP Senators got down on their rhetorical knees to kiss their benefactor’s behind. Instead of doing the people’s business, the GOP opted head over heels for the prospects of regaining political power. Instead of government of, for, and by the people, remember my fellow Americans; “Money rules,” and according to the Republican Royalists, “Long live the King.”

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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