Romney Austerity or Obama Progress

Romney Austerity or Obama Progress

The only thing the Republicans will allow through congress is tax breaks for the rich, deregulation, and no compromise. Even after thirty-six straight months private sector new job improvements, there is a good chance for the same slow progress no matter who is elected. With a Republican at the helm their will be less jobs and more austerity. No matter that Republicans say that tax cuts equal new jobs, decades of tax cuts with poor jobs prove otherwise. New jobs, however, are not related to tax cuts, they only come into being as a result of consumer demand. Any competent businessman will tell you that only when there is consumer demand can his company grow. Consumer spending makes up 75% of the economy. Corporations worry about the millions lost in sales revenues a lot more than the comparative pennies paid in taxes. The logic is undeniable. As long as consumers are worried about job cuts they are not confident. As long as consumers are not confident the economy will grow slowly. As long as the economy grows slowly there will be a less than adequate number of new jobs. Reagan and Bush senior both knew that consumers needed confidence during their recessions. Both Republican presidents raised taxes and hired thousands of public workers to stimulate the recovery of their recessions. Only the Tea Party Republicans think cutting public employees and social programs will promote the economy. Only Tea Partiers are satisfied with austerity and no compromise. Obama has cut more government jobs than any other president, but Tea Party Republicans want more spending cuts. It will not matter what a Republican president says he wants to do, the next congress—if still dominated by the Republican “No”––will agree only to austerity.  It is up to the voters, Romney austerity or Obama progress.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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