Republicans are denying grandma the vote.

Republicans are denying grandma the vote.

Americans who have voted all their lives, who paid their taxes and voted many times at local, state and federal levels; even those who voted in the last presidential elections––a total estimated to include some five million American citizens born and raised in the United States––are now being told by Republican legislatures in several states that they must show special documents to prove they can vote. These are the same Republicans who scream bloody murder about government meddling in individual freedoms. Suddenly they are working feverishly behind closed doors to take away the constitutional right to vote from millions of Americans––the poor, the sick, the infirm, the bedridden, the handicapped, the elderly, those without transportation, without jobs, without family, friends, and neighbors to support them. Republicans know that Americans who are “isolated, just getting by, and mostly doing without” are more likely to vote for their opponents. The surest way to win an election is to make it more difficult for the opposition to vote. Therefore, under the fraudulent banner of national security, Republicans are railroading legislation to deny rights those who can’t fight back.  Why do Republicans have to stoop so low to regain political power that they literally tell grandma to fend for herself?

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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