Republicans want to sue the firemen

Republicans want to sue the firemen.

The government is spending less money now than when Obama took office. Taxes are lower for all Americans than when Obama took office. There are fewer government employees now than when Obama took office. The number of American soldiers fighting in foreign wars is lower than when Obama took office. Nationwide women are being paid higher average wages than when Obama took office.  How can the Republicans pretend life was better under Bush? American business was under attack in 2008. The economy would have collapsed like a house on fire if not for borrowing funds to save it. It takes a neurotic to want to sue the firemen who saved his or her home. It took ten long frustrating years and World War II before Americans got jobs after the Republican Great Depression. Debt is a normal part of government. Ronald Reagan raised the federal debt three times and he did not have to pay off three trillion in unbudgeted wars. After thirty consecutive months of private sector job growth, we forget that seven hundred thousand jobs were being lost each and every month when Bush left office.  Obama leadership helped save the American auto Industry, helped end the war in Iraq, helped reform the out-of-control costs of healthcare, and helped capture Osama Bin Laden. All Romney can say is, “my health care plan for Massachusetts is different, I like firing employees, corporations are people, and if you can’t afford college tuition look for a cheaper loan.” Never, since Franklin Roosevelt, has a national leader done more for his country and gotten less credit than President Obama.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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