Romney a weapon of class warfare

Romney a weapon of class warfare

The numbers are out. The Department of Labor statistics show the middle class has flat-lined growth over the past fifty years. Meanwhile the rich have gotten richer faster than ever before. That is class warfare. Worker productivity is up 250% since Reagan, but worker compensation has increased 0% since the 1970s. That is class warfare. Profits are skyrocketing, social programs are being cut, and the rich won’t pay their fair share of taxes. That is class warfare. Class war on the middle class began with Reagan. Since then the Reagan revolution, it has taken two adults to earn enough money to raise a family. That’s class warfare.  In their undeclared war on the middle class, Money is buying the Presidency because Romney understands so little of the plight of working people. That is class warfare. Despite attempts to give women an equal wage, to give small businesses tax exemptions for new job creations, and no tax increase for four years, the Do-Nothing Republican House-of-No has voted against every single recovery act. That is class warfare. When the middle class meekly complain about increasing income abyss, Republicans immediately lash out at attacks whipping up sentiment of class warfare, all the while chuckling in boardrooms over those ungrateful workers who ought to be thankful to even have a job. Make no mistake those of you who turn a blind eye toward anything that smacks of America as not being one nation. The business of business is business. The only business objective is greater profits. Whether you like it or not, you are already in a class war, and Romney for President is the weapon the rich will use to further crush the middle class.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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