Romney would be King of America

Romney would be King of America

Romney says Obama has made things worse, but Obama turned around the Bush disaster from losing 750,000 jobs a month to creating 4,000,000 new, private sector jobs. To an empty drywall factory, Romney says open your eyes and see who is gone totally dismissing the fact that factories are shipping jobs overseas. Romney has a better vision for the hand-picked audience well off enough to ignore the hundreds of thousand of  jobs Obama brought to a dying auto industry now booming across America. Romney promises a bright future, but the murky past shows five Republican presidents undercut the middle class while swelling the ranks of the wealthy with record profits. The corporate culture of Romney predicts a rising economic tide lifts all boats, but fails to tell you they are corporate yachts. Romney dismisses the 25% drop in unemployment, despite the Republican campaign of always voting no. In the dizzying world of Romney’s corporate mentality, Obama cannot be given credit for any success. None at all.  “He can only criticize wealth for its success,” Romney declares, absolutely ignoring the fact that America fought a revolution against a king over class wealth. Romney’s new world vision is a docile American labor market ruled by the kindness of corporate royalty that doles out jobs to the grateful masses, and with your vote, Romney would be King of America.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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