Republican Anti-Science Campaign

Republican Anti-Science Campaign

For centuries Science has played a greater role behind the scenes improving life through technology and medicine without interfering with social issues. With the emergence of environmental concerns and civil rights, Science has intruded in culture with the development of government regulations. As the authority and impact of Science rose, government services also grew eroding the tradition of basing laws on economics. Under Reagan, conservative Republicans of the 1980s claimed that Science was interfering with the economy by serving an agenda of the regulatory state. To reduce the importance of Science, Republicans initiated a campaign of ideology over education. In the Republican War On Science by Chris Mooney, Republicans urged followers to question science and reduce its importance, not because of the facts of scientific conclusions were invalid, but simply for ideological reasons.  When Republicans said Science was wrong, the wrongness of Science became doctrine, and studies since 1974 show a deep decline in trust of Science.  To further reduce the impact of Science, education for Republicans has turned into a proxy for people, not to think for themselves, but to turn to fake news like Fox. Science, however, is not an area of study, but a methodology for clear thinking. Instead of blindly following authority, Science tells us the worthwhile life is one worth close examination, and valid conclusions demand the constant challenge of proof.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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