Republican Repeal ObamaCare Scam

Republican Repeal ObamaCare Scam

In the name of the people, congress has been begging for healthcare reform for over hundred years. Medicare and Medicaid are law. Now we are tackling healthcare’s rocketing costs.  To halt reform again, Republicans are resorting to lies, hate and ignorance. Healthcare reform requires everyone to have insurance; it does not require everyone to buy insurance. A requirement for everyone to have insurance spreads the risk over larger numbers of people. Spreading the risk lowers costs. So why are healthcare corporations bankrolling Republican anti-healthcare reform?  Government mandates are but a distraction to keep voters blind to reality. Telling people they have to buy insurance is no different than mandating vaccinations, stopping smoking, military draft, speed limits, and punishment for crimes.  We are mandated to buy car insurance, why not medical insurance?  It is not fair for you and me to have to pay for those who are irresponsible. It is not fair for you and me to pay for emergency rooms costs. It is not fair for you and me let business gouge us because they refuse to reform themselves. But corporations don’t care about fair. They only care about profits.  Ask yourself, who benefits from no reform? The health industry generates two trillion dollars annually. Anti-healthcare reform is about money. Money buys Republican anti-reform votes in congress. Reform is inevitable. We all want progress whether we admit it or not. You can live in the past, but you can’t stop the future.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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