The Degradation of Women

The Degradation of Women 

“Slut shaming” is the newest Republican claptrap to force progressive women to be subordinate to regressive men, thus exposing the deep hatred and scorn Republican troglodytes have for females. Promoting hate under the guise of religious beliefs or to garner a larger radio audience has no place in America.  Treating women with contempt just to pander to white male voters is beneath disgust. Using public airways to foment violence against women should be against the law. Character assassins are abusive, indecent, hurtful, atrocious, and so obnoxiously anti-women they have no place in civilized society. Rush “I-am-only-trying-to-be-entertaining” Limbaugh not only makes a mockery of women, he openly flaunts his disdain by pleading with women to send him their sexual videotapes. Republicans who support low-life trash-spewers like Limbaugh are seeking political power by appealing to the primitive instincts of human nature. Just listen to the tittering of a Limbaugh audience as the man-who-had-four-wives pornographically rants his imbecilic nonsense. Of what purpose is allowing Limbaugh to pimp hate for profit other than to belittle America? Conservative toilets like Rush-the-Flush are making America the laughing stock of the civilized world.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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