Public interest more important than private freedoms

Public interest more important than private freedoms

What is good for the community is more important than so-called individual freedoms. America was not founded to be a country of individuals or states, but a union; E Pluribus Unum, one nation of many people with differing interests who compromise for the good of all. E pluribus Unum only pertains to government. It does not mean out of many religions one religion. It does not mean out of many morals one moral code. Under the Constitution, federal laws––what is good for the nation––take precedent over individual rights, private rights and state’s rights. Those individual freedoms which are allowed are privileges citizenship. Taxes are how we see to our interests; the way we run the government for the benefit of all the people; not just some of the people––not just your way or the highway––but all the people. If you don’t want taxes then you have no say in government. The founding fathers knew from history that “states rights” is the graveyard of freedom. Allowing states to rule themselves invited tyranny. Petty state governments always result in weak nations. Local power and money soon gain control over the will of the people. The Constitution establishes a government for the prosperity of all, liberty for all, and justice for all. In no part of the Constitution will you find individual freedoms take precedent over the general population, no matter how often you hear fools claim that it’s so.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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