Religion is America’s greatest danger.

Religion is America’s greatest danger. 

Freedom from religion is the most important privilege provided by the U.S. Constitution.  Once Religion obtains the power of government, the rest of us are nothing more than slaves. The Founding Fathers may have belonged one church or another, but many like George Washington, would not even attend church. Fortunately for us they were wise enough to agree that separation of church and state is the law of the land.  The men who wrote our Constitution had witnessed what happens when Religion controlled government and wanted no part of it. Religion replaces logic, reason, and independence with belief, faith and subservience. Belief is an opinion. Everyone can have an opinion. Everyone, however, can’t have their own facts. Belief has no foundation in reality. Under Religion, life on earth is unimportant. Man-made laws for survival and prosperity are totally subordinate to a fantasy higher power and a fantasy afterlife, which is totally dependent on which Religion in charge. It is bad enough allowing people to believe what they want to believe when we know full well that once believers become powerful their beliefs will be rammed down our throats.  Lets be clear about the facts. Morals do not come from Religion. Every moral precept, including the Ten Commandments, was created thousands of years before Judeo-Christianity came into existence. We don’t need Religion to be moral, to be ethical, to be virtuous, or even to keep from killing our fellow man.  Moreover, Religion has been used to justify more heinous crimes than all secular wars combined. Religion is the most dangerous threat to American freedom.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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