Republican Religious Crusade

Republican Religious Crusade

Republicans are acting like reactionaries. They want to turn back the clock to a time when religion dominated everyday life. Republicans want to destroy hard won progress and impose their religious beliefs on politics.  Republicans want religion to be the law and to make their modern brand of Jesus your personal king. Republicans, it could even be argued, want to turn the United States into an Islamic-style theocracy under Sharia Law; government based on religious beliefs. Republican Sharia Law would dictate how women must deal with their own bodies, how men must be in charge with women subordinate, and how women are really the cause of their own sexual abuse.  Republicans want to defeat human progress just like Middle Eastern religious radicals because both are deadly afraid of change. Republicans yearn for simpler times when a woman was told to keep an aspirin between her knees to prevent pregnancy. To Republicans it matters less if children and spouses are abused as long as marriage is more important than human suffering. Republicans are not FOR anything. Republicans are anti-public education, anti-science, anti-environmental responsibility, anti-government, anti-foreigners, anti-civil rights, anti-worker’s rights, anti-women’s rights…the list goes on and on. Now to make every political issue a fight for religious beliefs is not only irrational, but totally irresponsible. The Republican Religious Crusade is a mockery of democracy.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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