“Free enterprise” is your front door with no lock

“Free enterprise” is your front door with no lock

The Republicans are at it again trying to confuse the public into believing that free enterprise is the same as freedom. To Americans, freedom is democracy: Government for, by and off ALL the people. To Republicans free enterprise is the freedom to force to you work harder for less money. Free enterprise has always meant lower wages, no benefits, and long hours at no extra pay. Free enterprise has meant no child labor laws, no compensation for job accidents and worker deaths, and the freedom to hire and fire with prejudice. Until lately free enterprise meant no retirement, no vacations, no time off for illness and no right to question anything. Republicans want you to believe that free enterprise made America great, but free enterprise actually created robber barons, mafia bosses, corporate monopolies and big business trusts while your grandparents lived in tenement housing. Prior to World War II, America was a third world nation of immigrants with 99% if the population barely making a living wage.  Franklin D. Roosevelt hated so-called free enterprise, regulated business, and created our present vibrant middle class. Now people like Frank Luntz, want Republicans to substitute, “free enterprise” for “capitalism” because Reagan and the Bushes gave capitalism such a bad name. People like Limbaugh, who make millions off of suckers who believe Republican nonsense, preach “free enterprise” as if it were individual liberty, but they fail miserably to tell you that the liberties are taken away from you. Today, Republicans are using free enterprise to buy elections, dictate what you do in your own home, and force women to follow religious doctrine. Don’t let selfish Republicans like Ron Paul fool you into thinking that government is the enemy and regulations are oppression. Free enterprise is “read my lips” for the freedom to cheat and steal.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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