Lack of Republican Accountability

Lack of Republican Accountability

Where is the rage against lack of Republican accountability for fraudulently taking us into War in Iraq? Why are Bush and Cheney not imprisoned for treason for a campaign of sowing false fears of weapons of mass destruction? Why aren’t Bush and Chaney at least charged with dereliction of duty over outing an undercover CIA officer? Why is the Justice Department withholding caseloads of evidence against individual States that have kept voters from casting their ballots because they were too poor to have a driver’s license? I have a dream, to borrow a phrase, that one day black, brown and, Amerindian-Americans will hold white Baptist church leaders and their Philistine congregations accountable for openly flaunting their secular hatred of the constitution’s separation of church and state. Why was Clinton impeached for oral sex while Bush got away scot-free with the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children? Why are we letting Republicans shed crocodile tears over the trillions of unbudgeted, record- deficit inflating, emergency spending, which is now being used as an excuse to cut aid to the poor? We are so busy bending over backward to keep checks coming to the unemployed that we fail to hold the Bush Republican Administration for its disastrous lack of accountability. Please, Mr. President, can’t the American people get a little justice here?

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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