Republicans follow Communist Strategy

Republicans follow Communist Strategy

After failure of Reagan to take advantage of the financial crisis of 1982, Republican power brokers at the Heritage Foundation borrowed a plan used by Lenin to take power. Entitled, “Achieving the Leninist Strategy,” the Republican campaign promised privatizing Social Security by dividing the Democrats into competing interests. “Seniors” were to be left alone. Young Americans, with no reason to value old age income, were to be given the “advantage of making more money in the stock market. Social Security is the most successful government service ever devised and business wanted in on the profits. Republicans charged the business and financial communities with funding a campaign to discredit SS. Republicans argued why payout money to millionaires who don’t need it. SS, however, is skewed toward the middle class with 76% of SS payout going to those earning less than $20K after retirement. Millionaires constitute a tiny fraction of SS payout. Republicans also argued raising the age of eligibility from 65 to 70. According to independent analysis, the age change was penny wise and dollar foolish. For every $5 billion saved by SS, the government would have to pay another $11 billion in alternative expenses. Any burden would also fall on the elderly who had the least opportunity to find alternative income. The Republican idea of “Fix Social Security” has so far turned out to be just an illusion, and perhaps that is just what Lenin would have ordered since Communism turned out to be the biggest illusion of the 20th Century.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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