Republicans Demand Toothless Watchdogs

Republicans Demand Toothless Watchdogs

House Republicans are once again refusing their U.S. constitutional duty, this time to “advise and consent” on presidential appointments by blocking a simple yes or no vote. Obstructionist Republicans have been refusing to allow anyone to be named department head until the law was changed to remove its power of enforcement.  Congress created the Bureau of Consumer Protection to stop unregulated business practices such as those which, since 2008 have been nurturing the Republican great recession. President Obama has the constitutional duty to fill all office vacancies, but has been unable to make the appointment because House Republicans are demanding changes as a reward for their corporation cronies. House Republicans have vowed to block any appointment unless the consumer protection law is turned into a toothless watchdog. To serve the public and fight past Republican anti-constitutional obstructionism, President Obama resorted to naming the new bureau head by a traditional, constitutionally approved recess appointment. Despite the fact that Reagan and both Bushes made over five hundred similar recess appointments, Republicans are claming Obama is bypassing congress, even though he has only done so twenty-four times, is doing so in order to protect the public, and has been forced to do so by flagrant Republican anti-constitutional obstructionism. Once again the Republican House of No is willing to march in step to make the economy look bad just for another chance to blame President Obama.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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