Beat the Black Guy

Beat the Black Guy

National opinion poles show Republicans care little about issues and more about defeating the first black president in America. And why not with a yearlong circus of Republican presidential candidates spouting nothing but ignorance, hate and outright lies. “He’s not like us,” says Santorum. “He won’t show us his birth certificate,” says Trump. He was reared in anti-colonial Kenya,” says Gingrich. Republicans can’t settle on a front-runner, too busy looking for someone to beat the black guy. “Obama is traveling the world apologizing for America,” says Romney. “He might be a Muslim,” says Cain. “He doesn’t believe in the same God we do,” says Bachmann. The tea party wing of the Republicans (90% Republican voting record) targeted Obama with bullet hole placards, devil’s horn posters, and Hitler-like Obama illustrations. The latest CNN opinion polls show issues are only important to Republican voters if they coincide with a leader who can defeat the black guy at the polls. Not all Republicans are racist, but stating your primary goal is to make Obama a one-term president, shouts to the high heavens that Republicans care less about an all inclusive America and more about an America that represents only them.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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