Occupied by Wealth

Occupied by Wealth

America is an occupied country. We have been invaded and conquered from within by an entrenchment of privilege controlled by wealth. Hard work and loyalty are no longer good enough to climb the economic ladder. Since Reagan it has taken two adults—husband and wife—just to stay even. There is no longer a better future for children of middle class American households with only a single breadwinner. Americans believe the game of acquiring wealth as been rigged against them. Prosperity for all has become prosperity for the few. Occupy Wall Street has changed the conversation of America. Occupy is saying:  Wealth controls congress, elections, and the news media. Wealth dictates what will be taught in schools and who gets medical care and decent jobs. Wealth is strangling the right to bargain for wages and provide for retirement. Corporate greed has failed the economy. Unrestricted capitalism is self-destructive. Like Trust Busting and the New Deal Social Security, only Democrats and Progressives have shown they can save capitalism from its own demise. Stand up to Occupied by Wealth.  Demand Fair Taxes.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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