Hold Financial Systems Accountable

Hold Financial Systems Accountable

We hold banks accountable for our savings and we should hold their banking system accountable as well. Just as citizens are accountable to the laws of our country, so the financial system must be held to strict regulations. If the business world wants the privilege of operating like persons they must act like responsible citizens.  No financial institution could exist without the use of citizen benefits. Banks build on public land, connected by public roads, protected by public police and fire departments, run by public educated personnel, using public air waves and public transportation. Banks use materials to build, furnish, maintain and operate provided by other businesses that also use the benefits of public access.  Banks operate with public funds, public investments, public access to other financial institutions, and public courts in which to seek redress or restitution. Banks operate under the freedoms allowed in America and guaranteed by American laws and the Constitution. How dare any pseudo conservative besmirch America by claiming that laws and regulations are socialism? Responsibility is directly proportional to accountability. Absence of regulations is anarchy. Shouting socialism at regulations is nothing more than distracting the public from financial greed.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights

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