Creating Wealth instead of Jobs

Creating Wealth instead of Jobs

The bottom line of business is creating wealth. “Business is not about fair,” says Dickens’ Scrooge.  Fewer jobs mean more efficient production and more profit at less cost.  Corporate profits are already at record levels. Production efficiency is at an all time high. Yet, Corporations are forking out millions to elect Republicans to lower taxes for even greater profits.  Republicans are too busy creating wealthy to worry creating jobs.  The more people out of work, more workers applying for jobs, and the less companies pay for the same work. Wealth has no social responsibilities, no civic imperative, and no moral or ethical restrictions. Companies can break the law and use their record profits to buy lawyers and accountants to keep them out of court and out of jail. The successful prosecution of business fraud is a fraction of crime. No wonder businesses can operate with impunity when they can control the work force, manipulate politics and escape criminal prosecution. How can anyone believe Republicans want jobs when they are elected to office by business donations?  How can anybody believe Republicans are about jobs when they know Obama will fail if the economy fails? We have been brainwashed to believe that wealth is admirable. The 99% are fighting for crumbs while the 1% gets the pie. Unrestricted economics has caused a market crises every fifteen to twenty years for the past two hundred years and yet voters blindly go to the poles believing regulations are bad for the economy. Curbing segregated wealth has nothing to do with Socialism or Communism, it has to do with fairness. People who create wealth have little interest in playing fair. As Scrooge would put it: “We business men can stop hiring. Let the workers see what it’s like to try to live without jobs.”

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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