Is Fox News Destroying America?

Is Fox News Destroying America?

“I’m too busy,” some people say, “to pay attention to what’s going on, so I watch Fox News.” Fox News is an international entertainment empire programmed to sell advertising by telling people what they want to hear. Fox is Rupert Murdock, arch yellow-tabloid sensationalist, whose “tag-em and bag-em” 24/7 propaganda makes self-centered soul mates stand at attention and sieg-heil.  Rated the world’s lowest in news reliability, Fox prides itself in personifying innuendo, using misleading statements, and commercialized reporting spoon-fed to their rat-race-running listeners by contrived interviews, rigged audience research and highly-paid, con-artist announcers and their ex-Republican politician contributors. Fox so expert at spin doctoring, they coach Republicans on Truthiness: “Don’t say small government, say individual freedom.” “Don’t say bonus, say performance pay.” “Don’t say cut spending, say cut waste.” Like a scoundrel, Fox wraps itself in the American flag daring opposition to be anti-patriotic. Like the title of this commentary, Fox defames by implication asking: “Are Unions Destroying America?” But Americans don’t like losing their right to a living wage. If all American workers were unionized there would be no 99% and no guilt over failure to feed your family for lack of a decent job. Fox dreams of turning back the clock to America as a third-world country ruled by robber barons like Murdock. Fox’s “too busy to think for ourselves” audience has already polarized congress. Will the loss of our ability to think for ourselves be the first step of Fox News destroying America? Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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