Thieves want doors with no locks

Thieves want doors with no locks

Republicans like to parrot that government regulations burden corporations. Lack of regulations may make people rich, but they also cause economic failure. Since the founding of America lack of business regulations have resulted in repeated economic failure every 15 to 20 years. Republicans parrot that cutting government taxes creates jobs. Bush cut taxes, but we lost millions of jobs begun under Clinton. Wealthy Republicans can live with economic failure, but the middle class is really hurt by each and every market crash.  Republicans have nothing substantive to offer, so they parrot their anti-government narrative: EPA rules hurt business, oil spill restrictions hurt business, and child labor laws hurt business.  Hiring old folks hurts business, giving women time off for childbirth hurts business, and Social Security hurts business. Republicans are paid to make excuses for business. Money buys elections. How is it that so many of the very folks hurt by the Republican bad economy vote do nothing Republicans back into office? Because money controls the media message repeating: “mean ole government hurts poor harmless business.” Republicans then obscure their economic failure with emotional diversions over rights and religion. It is illogical to let the fox dictate the rules for the hen house, but emotion overrules logic. The next time you hear someone say government regulations hurt business remember that as far back as Roman times the culprit could be found asking qui bono? Who profits? Only thieves want doors with no locks. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights

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