Uncompromising is un-American

Uncompromising is un-American

Republicans like to parrot government must be simple. To paraphrase the second US President John Adams’ response in 1790 to Republican desire for “simple” government, “the clock would be simple if you removed its wheels and springs, but it would no longer function to tell time.” Therein lies the Republican dilemma. Republicans want simple, but they also want greatness, and the two are antithetical.  You cannot have a great nation without a government for all the people. All small governments are third world nations.  Republicans are nostalgic for the Founders’ government where the only voters were “White male landowners.” Republicans cherish the way they were reared complete with subservient women, black in their places, and privileges for the select few. When you mature with unequal civil rights, racial bigotry, and worker exploitation, reform makes you yearn for a clock without wheels that stands still. The Constitution may have been created by slave owners, but they also built-in the mechanism for reform: The Bill of Rights. Despite the Founding Father’s Christian background they created and signed a Constitution requiring religious tolerance and the separation of church and state. Each of the Founding Fathers held different core values, but they created a government of checks and balances so no one faction could dominate the others. Despite concern over big government, the founding fathers decided that America must be a great nation, not a collection of inferior states and, therefore, they subordinated their individual local values to the laws of the federal government. Each and every Founding Father had a different notion of rights and values, but they set aside their differences and chose to work together placing compromise above personal cause. America has become a great nation as a direct result of the union of its diversity. Uncompromising is clearly un-American.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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