Companies do not create jobs.

Companies do not create jobs.

Republicans like to parrot “companies create jobs,” but they really do not. Companies hire employees. Consumers, shoppers, workers who buy the goods they make, and even the government creates jobs from research and development, but no company can create jobs.  No business can exist without consumer demand.  No company will hire until shoppers are buying. No company can function without workers. No business can make a profit with the benefit of the public streets, roads, bridges, dams, police and fire, courts, access to air waves, licenses to fly, electrical resources, schools for employees, etc. Consumers, shoppers, workers, and employees are the job creators. Without society there is no need for business. Business is a privilege granted by the public, not a right. Companies have rights only because the public allows them. The economy is bad because consumers lack confidence in business. The economy is bad because jobs are shipped over seas. The economy is bad because of business fraud. Consumers are not buying because they don’t trust the business world. Companies are holding trillions of dollars waiting for the Republicans to repeal business reform. Companies want the guaranteed freedom to cheat, steal and exploit without regulations. Companies are making a greater profit and paying less than anytime in history. Companies hire, but they don’t create jobs. You do. You are the consumer. You make and you buy. Without you companies are nothing. There will be no good jobs for everyone until you demand them. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights

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